Thursday 3 July 2008

Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Unions, general information

This Blog was made by Thrace Amateur Astronomy Club in 3 July 2008. Here you can find Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Unions/ clubs etc....

Notice :
Α) Lending libraries are mostly available to club members or various projects.
Β) If there is a club, group, union in Greece, that wishes its information to be included in the register of Greek Amateur Astronomy please contact us at:

Responsibility for keeping the present file:
Νοv 2006 – Οct 2007 : Patras Astronomical Society “Orion”
Οct 2007 – Οct 2009 : Thrace Amateur Astronomy Club (TAAC)

Full archival material can be found at:
In English :
and in Greek :